Kitchen Tips: How To Make Sweet Curd, Easy Ways To Make Yogurt


In India, curd and milk have been given a lot of importance in food since ancient times, in every house you will find curd and milk in general form. 

There is also a scientific reason for this that by consuming both of these, our body can remain healthy and free from disease for a long time, but when we try to make curd at home, then there is some kind of problem in it. . 

Before setting curd, we are afraid that the curd may not become too sour or it may not become thin as per the requirement.

In the summer season, people often consume milk, curd, lassi etc. so that the body feels cool after eating these things. 

The demand for curd increases significantly during the summer season. 

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Many people make curd at home, because curd stored at home is sweeter than the market. 

So today we will tell you how to make sweet curd at home.

Use Fresh Milk

Always use fresh milk for setting curd, keep in mind that curd milk should not be kept for a long time, because the fresher the milk, the longer the curd will remain sweet and fresh. 

The coagulated curd of a long old milk soon turns sour and the sweetness also ends in it.

Curd Frozen In Ceramic Pot

If you want your curd to remain fresh and sweet for a long time, then you should use only porcelain. 

Because the pottery is cold, the curd inside it is sweet and freezes well. 

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Also, let the curd remain in the same vessel, by doing this curd will not turn sour at all.

Sourdough Soaked In Lukewarm Milk

Most of the women do not know when the sourdough is added to the milk, sometimes they put sourdough in the hot milk, due to which the curd does not freeze well. 

Do not put sour cream in very hot milk, because no matter how sweet the curd is, there is some percentage of sourness in it. 

When hot milk comes in contact with curd, the chances of it turning sour increases. This possibility increases even more in the summer. 

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Curd Freezes In Short Time In Summer

When you try to set curd in summer, curd freezes in about 4 to 5 hours, so whenever you want to eat curd, keep sour milk in milk for about 4-5 hours before. 

So that around 9-10 o’clock in the night the curd will be completely frozen and you sleep only by keeping it in the fridge. 

Because even if curd is left out overnight, it becomes sour.

Take Care Of Cleanliness

Before setting curd, clean its utensils thoroughly. 

Yogurt contains good bacteria anyway, so keep in mind that every time you finish curd, wash the utensil thoroughly and only then set the curd the next time. 

Keep all these things in mind, your curd will never turn sour.