Easy Way To Make Pickle: Make Chilli Pickle In Easy Way


Everyone likes delicious food, but if you get bored of eating the same boring food every day, then the ladies of the house make pickles in everyone’s house to make the boring food tasty. 

But many people like pickles less. Because it contains a lot of oil.

If you want to add spicy and spicy tempering to your daily food, then make quick green chili pickle. 

Everyone will love this fresh pickle and it will enhance the taste of your food too. Next we will tell you the recipe of making it.

Preparation For Green Chilly Pickle

200 grams green chili

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2 tsp mustard

one and a half teaspoon fennel

a spoonful of fenugreek seeds

three quarter cup yogurt

little turmeric powder

half teaspoon sugar

one teaspoon lemon juice

a spoonful of oil

salt to taste

How To Make Green Chilly Pickle

To make green chili pickle, first roast one teaspoon mustard, one teaspoon fennel, fenugreek seeds and grind them very finely in a mixer. 

Now wash and dry the green chilies and crush them.

Heat oil in a pan, add remaining mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds and add tempering. 

When it gets fried, add chopped green chilies to it. 

Keep in mind that green chillies do not have to be very fine. Just crush it and divide it into pieces. 

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Cook it in a pan till it becomes soft. Mix turmeric powder.
Mix curd, salt and sugar in a pan. 

Mix all the spices made into powder and cook it till the water dries up. 

When cool, add lemon juice. Your green chili pickle is ready. 

It can be eaten without spoiling for three weeks.