Pregnancy Tips: Why Late Pregnancy Is Dangerous, Dangers Of Late Preganancy


In today’s time every woman wants to focus on her career. 

This is the reason that now girls neither want to get married early nor do they want to become mothers soon. 

Where in earlier times two children were born by the age of 30, nowadays girls get married till the age of 30. 

You must have often heard elders saying that it is better to have both marriage and child at the right time. 

Actually, The age between 25 to 30 years is considered best for pregnancy. 

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It is said that at this age a woman’s body becomes fully ready to become a mother, which does not cause much trouble in pregnancy. 

Doctors also believe that after the age of 30, more problems have to be faced in pregnancy. 

Conceiving at an old age not only affects the health of the woman but also her child. 

In today’s article, we will tell you what are the disadvantages of pregnancy at an older age.

Trouble Conceiving 

With increasing age, the fertility of women starts decreasing. 

There are about one million eggs in a woman’s body at birth. 

Every month after puberty, women start losing some of their eggs with periods. 

In such a situation, with increasing age, the eggs start getting eliminated from the woman’s body, due to which there is a problem in conceiving. 

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Along with this, after the age of 30, eggs start becoming unhealthy in the woman’s body, due to which conceiving at an older age can cause problems for both mother and child. 

Complications In Pregnancy 

Women who conceive at an older age can face many complications during delivery. 

This increases the risk of serious problems during pregnancy like hypertension, gestational diabetes, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy) and placenta previa. 

Apart from this, the chances of premature delivery and caesarean increase significantly if you conceive at an older age.

Risk To The Health Of The Child 

Conceiving after the age of 30 years has a higher chance of genetic abnormality in the child. 

Being a mother after 35 increases the risk of developing Down’s syndrome and autism in the child. 

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According to a research, girls born to women over the age of 40 are more likely to have breast cancer, infertility and short stature in addition to autism.