Pregnancy Tips: Epidural Anesthesia, What Is Epidural Anesthesia


Nowadays many women opt for C-section to avoid the pain during normal delivery. But there is also a way with the help of which labor pain can be avoided during normal delivery. 

Nowadays women are asked to use epidural anesthesia to avoid labor pain during normal delivery. This makes vaginal birth possible without any discomfort. 

In today’s article, we will tell you what is epidural anesthesia and whether it is okay for every pregnant woman to take epidural anesthesia.

Epidural Anesthesia In Pregnancy

Epidural anesthesia is the best way to relieve pain during labor. 

These days this technique is being used in the hospital to get rid of the pain during normal delivery. Epidural anesthesia is a type of injection, which is given to reduce labor pain. 

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In this, painkillers are given in the spinal cord, which stops the feeling of pain. 

According to doctors, epidural anesthesia is becoming more common these days as more and more women want to have vaginal delivery without pain.

Epidural anesthesia affects the abdomen, pelvic area, and legs. 

An esthetic drug is inserted into a specific area of ​​the spinal cord called the epidural space. It is given through a small catheter made of a plastic tube. 

When a woman is having labor pain, it is inserted inside the spinal cord and into the spinal cord.

The epidural interferes with the hormone oxytocin produced during delivery, which slows down labor. 

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This affects your ability to push effectively during labor. Also, you are unable to feel anything, due to which it becomes difficult to move naturally.

What is an epidural not suitable for?This process is not good for everyone. 

For women who suffer from any type of back infection or problems like spinal cord, spinal joint or back pain, or who have low blood sugar level, it can prove to be fatal. 

In addition, pregnant women who are taking blood thinners during pregnancy to avoid blood clots in the veins should also not take an epidural. 

Women suffering from any kind of blood related problem should also avoid using this injection.

Epidural Side Effects

breathing problemVomitingweaknessheaviness problemThere is also a complaint of low blood pressure vomiting. 

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This can give you cold shivering. 

There may be pain when inserting an epidural, so problems with stagnant urination during this timelate delivery.