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Everyone loves technology very much. 

Mobile phone is the easiest medium to connect with technology. 

Everyone can connect in different places without going through mobile.

Small children do not like to play with toys as much as they like to see things near elders and use it. 

Now-a-days the parents also catch the phone to entertain the children, due to which it becomes a habit of the children that they can see the phone all the time. 

The children insist on taking the phone as soon as they see it. 

If the child does not give the phone, then he becomes very irritable and angry. 

In such a situation, the most afraid is that they do not break the phone or spoil their health by crying, and even if they give the phone to the children, there is a concern that they do not call any stranger or call the phone. Important data, Do not delete the photo or file. 

In such a situation, we will tell you what kind of setting or security you should do in the phone before you give it to your child.

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If you have a small child in your house, then you should try to keep the mobile or phone away from its eyes. 

All the members of the house should take care that they keep the mobile phone away from other such things for maximum time. 

But if you can do this work then definitely do.

If you are not able to hide the mobile phone from the child, then a simple solution to get rid of this problem is to use parental control inside your phone. 

This feature is usually very easily available in all types of smartphones.

In order to use parental control inside the mobile, there is no need to install any kind of payment or any kind of app in the phone. 

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Rather, many types of apps are available in the Google Play Store for this.

The Right Way To Use Parental Control

A feature called parental control is already present inside all smartphones. 

There is no need to install any kind of payment app to install it or use it in your phone. 

You can use this feature before giving a phone to your child. 

You can give the phone to your children by securing or setting parental control in your phone.

How To Create Parental Control

If you want to use the parental control feature, then first you have to create a new user account inside your phone. You can make this account very easy.

The special thing about this user account is that you can create it in the name of anyone. 

You can also make it with your child’s name if you want. 

For this, you will first have to make settings in your smartphone.

When he gives the phone to the child, he starts manipulating the phone in different ways. 

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By the way, if you want, you can delete the history of your phone to the child. 

But this cannot be appreciated, so you can go to the Play Store and set up parental controls. 

You can go to the play store and make settings so that you will know which app your child can download and which not. 

Despite having a phone in your hand, control will still be in your hand. 

To do this, you must first make changes inside the settings of the Play Store. 

First you go to the settings inside the play store and click on parental control option. 

When you set up parental control on the Play Store, you will need to set a password at that time. 

After setting the password, your phone will come under your control.