Harmful Effects Of Eating Too Much Sugar – Sugar Can Make Children Angry And Violet


 Side Effects Of Eating Sugar In Children

Nowadays, not only the elderly, the children are also suffering from the problem of low blood pressure. 

Once considered a disease of older people, even small children are now troubled by this problem. 

Low blood pressure or hypotension occurs when the body’s blood pressure goes below the normal limit. 

Blood pressure in children can go down due to several reasons. 

Low blood pressure in children may occur due to lack of body water, allergies, anemia, infections, nutritional deficiencies, heart disease, or over-exertion physical activities. 

Regularly low blood pressure or frequent low BP may be severe. 

Therefore, it is better that you recognize the symptoms of low BP in the child and seek the advice of a doctor and treat it. 

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In today’s article, we will give you information about the symptoms of low blood pressure in children and its treatment

Symptoms of Low BP 

Dizzy or fainting

Feeling of heaviness in head

Getting nausea

Difficulty focusing


to feel sick

Shortness of breath


If the child has a problem of low blood pressure, then include sodium-rich foods in his diet. 

Foods that contain sodium help to maintain blood pressure normal. 

If the child suddenly has BP, then let him eat salty things, cheese, chicken, soup or bread. 

They all contain sufficient amounts of sodium. 

You can consult a pediatrician to find out the right amount of sodium for your child according to his age.

Whether it is old or young, it is very important to have a balanced diet to avoid the problem of low blood pressure. 

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Often young children do not eat properly, due to which they may have low blood pressure problem. 

In this way, include fresh green vegetables, fruits and nuts etc. in their diet. 

Children should include foods rich in folic acid and vitamin B12 to avoid low BP.

Low BP can also occur due to lack of water in the body, so make sure that the child is drinking sufficient amount of water. 

Encourage the child to drink 7-8 glasses of water a day. 

If the child’s BP suddenly falls, give him a lemon, salt and water solution or an electrolyte solution.    

The problem of low BP can also be reduced by regular exercise. 

But keep the child from doing vigorous exercise or physical activity. 

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In the case of low BP, protect the child from standing or sitting for long periods of time. 

BP can be low even if you sit up and wake up with a jerk. 

If the child has a problem of low blood pressure, then stop him from doing so. 

If the child has a low blood pressure problem, then a better option is to seek the advice of a doctor. 

Doctors can better determine the status and cause of BP. 

Accordingly, he advises on how to normalize medicine or BP and how to maintain it.