Good Parenting Tips – Causes Of Insomnia In Kids – How To Treat Imsomnia In Kids


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Due to the changing lifestyle of today, there are many diseases which are victimized even by young children. 

One such problem is insomnia. 

In earlier times, the problem was usually found in the elderly, but nowadays, the problem of insomnia is also surrounded by young and children. 

This is having a negative impact on the physical and mental development of children. 

According to doctors, 7-8 hours of sleep per day is very important for school going children. 

But in today’s modern lifestyle, children watch TV till late night or are engaged on mobile-computer, due to which they have insomnia problem. 

If sleep is not complete, irritability, digestion and memory loss, headache, eye irritation in the child, Signs like lethargy begin to appear. 

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In such a situation, parents should find the cause of insomnia and take some measures to solve this problem. 

In today’s article, we will tell you about the causes of insomnia in children and ways to avoid it. 

Causes Of Insomnia

Often physical discomfort can also be a cause of insomnia in children. The child is not able to sleep due to problems like snoring at bedtime, sleeping with his mouth open, breathlessness at bedtime or tonsils. 

Nowadays children keep watching TV till late night or use mobile so that they sleep late at night. He has to get up early in the morning and go to school, because of which his sleep is not complete. 

Sometimes a negative home environment can also cause insomnia in children. Quarrels between parents at home have a very bad effect on the minds of children. In such an environment, children feel insecure and unable to sleep due to fear. 

Many times the child wakes up in sleep with a nightmare, due to which his sleep gets disturbed. If it is occasional then it is fine but if it is happening again and again then you should not ignore it. Being frequent means that something is troubling the child. 

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What To Do Parents 

If the child snores in sleep, do not ignore it. It can also be a symptom of insomnia. 

Explain to the child the importance of a good lifestyle. Tell him how important it is for health to wake up on time. 

Try to set a time for the child to sleep and wake up. By this, the child’s sleep cycle will be fine and he will be able to sleep well. 

Parents should also come early from the office and feed the child at the right time by eating on time. 

The home environment has a negative impact on the mental development of the child. So do not keep the atmosphere of fighting and fighting in the house. 

Don’t watch TV till late night nor let the child watch. Also, do not let the child use mobiles or computers for long periods of the night. 

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Try to know if the child has any problem, worry or fear due to which he is not able to sleep due to fear. 

If the child has insomnia problem even after making lifestyle changes, then contact a doctor. The child may have physical discomfort due to which he is not able to sleep.