Good Parenting – Side Effects Of Plastic Milk Feeding Bottle On Child’s Health


For a newborn, mother’s milk is like nectar. 

According to doctors, the infant should be fed only mother’s milk for six months after birth. 

But as the child starts getting a little older, we start getting used to the mother’s milk as well as the milk outside. 

Earlier, children were fed with a bowl and spoon, but gradually a plastic bottle was used for feeding. 

This makes it easy to feed and there is no risk of breakage. 

Plastic bottles are easily available in the market and are also inexpensive, so it is usually used in every household. 

But do you know that feeding with a plastic bottle can prove very dangerous for your child’s health. 

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Let’s know how.

Plastic Bottles Contain Hazardous Chemicals 

A chemical called bisphenol A (BPA) is used to make plastic bottles feeding babies, which can cause great harm to your baby. 

BPA is used to solidify plastics. 

A research found that after pouring hot milk in a plastic bottle, the chemicals in it get mixed with milk, which affects the health of the child. 

Plastic Bottles Can Cause Many Diseases 

Feeding the baby with a plastic bottle can be very harmful for his health. 

This affects the immunity of the child and increases the risk of many diseases. 

Feeding in a plastic bottle can also have a negative effect on the child’s brain. 

This weakens digestive power and your baby may have problems like vomiting, diarrhea, fever and constipation. 

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Feeding with a plastic bottle weakens the body of the child and can also reduce its weight. 

Apart from this, your child is at risk of infection due to harmful chemicals present in the plastic bottle.

Glass Or Steel Bottle  Is  Better Option 

If you want to feed the baby with a bottle, then it is better to use a glass or steel bottle. 

Apart from this, you can also buy ‘BPA Free’ plastic bottles from the market. However, instead of using a plastic bottle, giving the baby milk in a glass or steel bottle is a better option. 

Also, wash the bottle and nipple thoroughly with warm water and soap before giving milk to the baby. 

Keep changing the bottoms and nipples in a few months.   

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Also, try to reduce the use of the bottle for feeding as much as you can. 

Give the child his milk or make a habit of drinking milk from a glass.