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What Is Ram Lodoo ?

Till date, you must have made many types of recipes and if you are fond of eating, then you must have known by the name of the food what taste it will be. 

If we take the name of Chole Bhature, then it is known by its name that it is very tasty and spicy. 

If we take the name of Jalebi, then it is also known by its name that it is a juicy jalebi filled with juices, which will have a sweet taste. 

There are many such dishes that tell their taste by their names. 

India is a country where every state has its own special domination, each state has its own dress, culture and its own food. 

If we talk about Uttar Pradesh, then the most famous there is Jalebi and milk. 

If you go to any corner of Uttar Pradesh, it shows the specialty there. 

If we talk about Haryana, then there is milk in the food, Curd and the most popular is Bajra khichdi. 

If you go anywhere, if you take the name of Laddoo, then the taste of sweet will come to the mind of the people automatically, meaning that people will find its taste sweet. 

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But have you ever thought that laddus can be spicy and sharp. 

Yes, in general the laddoos are always sweet but Ram ladoos are salty which are eaten with the aim of green chutney and radish. 

If you are a resident of Delhi then you must have eaten this Ram Laddu. 

You will find these on handcart at every market, at every crossroads. 

Should you be the smallest market, you will find the handouts of Ram Laddu in almost every market. 

These are so tasty to eat that when you see them made or when hot Ram laddus are fried in the cauldron, then everyone feels like watching the ladoos so that I can eat them whole heartedly. 

This laddus is commonly known as street food of Delhi.

If you ever come to Delhi, you must taste it. 

Mostly it is made from moong and gram dal. 

Firstly moong dal mangodas are also made and then they are fried in oil. 

If you are fond of food, then you will know that lentils Maghod are very crunchy. 

So let us tell you how you can make Ram Laddu at home because it is not crunchy at all.

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Preparation For Ram Ladoo

1. Moong Dal – ½ cup

2. gram lentils – 4 cups

3. Green Coriander – 2 teaspoon 

4. Salt – 4 teaspoons

5. Ginger slice – ½ inch 

6. Green Chili – 17.

Oil – For Frying Rama Laddus

How To Make Ram Ladoo

1. To make Ram Laddu, first of all, clean the gram and moong dal thoroughly. 

When the lentils are clean, then wash them thoroughly with water and keep both pulses to soak for about 5 to 6 hours. 

When the lentils become soft in 5 to 6 hours, then remove excess water from them and grind the dry lentils properly. 

Also, keep in mind that you keep the lentils slightly coarse, do not grind it very finely.

2. You can also grind the Dal on a mixie machine or in a native way, ie, Silbatta. 

If you grind the lentils on the silbatta, then the taste of Ram Laddu will be better and it will taste even more delicious. 

After grinding the lentils well, take them out in a vessel and add salt according to your taste. 

When you add salt inside the lentils, then beat it well. 

When the dal mixes well, add chopped green chillies, ginger, coriander etc. to it.

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3. Now all you have to do to make Ram Laddoo is to see the shape of the Mango lentils. 

To make Ram Laddu, you can use a heavy bottom pan or non-stick pan. Add oil to the pot and heat it well.

4. When the oil is well heated, take a little pulse and pour it into the hot oil, giving it a spherical shape. 

After adding the spherical-shaped mangoes to the oil, allow it to seize well. 

You can comfortably put seven to eight ladoos in the pan so that it can be made in more quantity.

On medium heat, bake them and keep frying them till it turns brown.

5. When the Ram Laddu is well seated, take them out in a separate plate. 

In this way, prepare Ram Laddu according to your wish.

6. As we have told you in the beginning, that Rama Laddu is eaten with green chutney and radish flakes, let us now tell you how you can prepare radish flakes.

To make radish flakes, you must first grate four to five radishes thoroughly. 

Inside the grated radish, you mix a spoonful of green coriander in it and mix well with a little oil. 

This way your radish flakes will be ready.

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