Easy Dessert Recipes: Eggless Donut Recipes, How To Make Eggless Donut


Kids love donuts. 

Whenever we go to any restaurant or bakery shop, children often insist on eating donuts. 

Although Donate is an international cuisine but it is also very much liked in India. 

Donuts are made in many ways. But in today’s article, we are going to tell you a very easy recipe for making eggless donuts. 

If your children are also fond of eating donation, then definitely try this recipe once.

Preparation For Donut Easy Recipe

Milk – 1/4 cup

Yeast – 1 tsp

Sugar – 1 tsp

Powdered sugar – 1 cup

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All purpose flour – 1.5 cups

Butter – 2 tsp

Baking Powder – 1/4 tsp

Cocoa Powder – 1/4 cup

Colorful sprinkler – 1 tsp

Vanilla Extract – 1/4 tsp

Water – 1/4 cup

Salt – 1 pinch

Oil – as required for frying

How To Make Donut Easy Recipe

First of all, take 1/4 cup warm milk in a bowl.

Now add one spoon of sugar and one spoon of dry yeast to it.

After mixing all the ingredients well leave it for 10 minutes.

Take 1.5 cups of all purpose flour in a large bowl.

Now add a mixture of sugar and yeast, a quarter teaspoon of baking powder, two teaspoons of butter and a pinch of salt.

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Mix all the ingredients well with the help of a spoon.

Now add hot water as required and knead soft dough.

Knead the dough until it is soft and flexible.

Now apply some oil on the dough, cover it for 1 hour and leave it to rise.

Now take a little dough from the dough and roll it in half an inch.

After rolling, cut it into round shape with the help of donut cutter.

Similarly prepare the rest of the donuts.

Now heat oil in a pan on the gas and fry the donuts in it.

Now mix one cup of powdered sugar, one-fourth cup of cocoa powder, one spoon of vanilla extract and three spoons of milk in a bowl.

Mix all the ingredients until a smooth and creamy mixture is formed.

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Now make the donuts with chocolate syrup and sprinkle colorful sprinkles on it.

Serve the donuts after they cool down.

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