Pregnancy Tips – Vitamin D Deficiency During Pregnancy – Foods For Vitamin D Deficiency During Pregnancy


During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes many changes. 

During this time the body becomes weak due to which problems like fatigue, water and nutritional deficiency start. 

At this time a woman needs many nutrients which are very important for her and fetal health and right development. 

Correct food and exercise is very important in pregnancy. 

Often, women are deficient in vitamin D during pregnancy, due to which the bones and muscles become weak. 

Fatigue due to lack of vitamin D in the body Symptoms such as joint pain and mood changes are observed. 

Sunlight is considered to be the best source of vitamin D, so one must sit in the sun for a while during the day. 

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Along with this, there are some food items that can be supplemented by deficiency of Vitamin D in their diet. 

Let us know which are the food items that can meet vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D Rich Foods During Pregnancy


Milk is called whole food. 

It is also an excellent source of protein as well as vitamin D and calcium. 

This is the reason why pregnant women are advised to drink milk in pregnancy. 

By drinking a glass of milk every day in pregnancy, a woman gets a quarter of the amount of vitamin D required for the day.


Egg intake in pregnancy is also considered very beneficial. 

The white part of the egg is rich in vitamin D. 

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Eating eggs in pregnancy can give pregnant women the necessary vitamin D for the day. 

Eggs also have a high amount of protein, so you must include it in your diet.


If you are a non-vegetarian then salmon and tuna fish is a good option for you to meet your vitamin D needs. 

Vitamins D are found in abundance in salmon and tuna fish. 

Eating salmon fish fulfills a pregnant woman’s vitamin D needs.


Mushroom is also an excellent source of vitamin D. 

By including mushrooms in your diet, you can overcome vitamin D deficiency to a great extent. 

You can make and eat mushroom vegetables or use mushrooms in soups.   


Soy is also rich in Vitamin D. 

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Foods made from soy, such as tofu and soybean grown, can fill the vitamin D deficiency in the body. 

Products made from soy are a good choice for people who are allergic to lactose intolerance or milk.

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