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Often couples are confused about whether it is safe to have sex during pregnancy or not? 

Many people feel that having sex during pregnancy can harm the unborn child. 

However, you will be surprised to know that there is no problem with having sex during pregnancy except in some special circumstances. 

Not only this, there are many benefits of having sex during pregnancy. 

Yes, according to health experts, if sex is done keeping some things in mind during pregnancy, then it is absolutely safe. 

Having sex during pregnancy is beneficial in improving mood from delivery. 

Let’s know the benefits of having sex during pregnancy.

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Benefits Of Sex During Pregnancy Safe Or Not

Women are able to enjoy sex more during pregnancy.

This is because during pregnancy the level of hormones increases in the body of the pregnant woman, due to which she is able to feel orgasm well.

However, some precautions must be taken while having sex during pregnancy.

If there is no problem of bleeding or excessive white discharge in pregnancy, then it is safe to have sex during pregnancy.

However, sex during pregnancy should be avoided if you have had a miscarriage or a pre-mature delivery in the past.
Having sex during pregnancy helps in normal delivery.

Actually, during pregnancy, the muscles of the pelvic area get stronger due to orgasm.

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This helps at the time of delivery.

Many couples feel a little distant from each other in the absence of physical intimacy during pregnancy.

But if you have sex during pregnancy, then the closeness between you and your partner increases.

However, be sure to consult a doctor before having sex during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the weight of the baby growing in the uterus puts pressure on the uterus.

Due to this many pregnant women pass urine while sneezing or laughing.

Having sex during pregnancy strengthens the muscles of the pelvic area, which helps in preventing the problem of passing urine.

Having sex during pregnancy helps in reducing stress.

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Actually, having sex releases a hormone called oxytocin in the body, which reduces stress and improves the problem of insomnia.

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