Pregnancy Tips: Changes After Delivery – Problems After Child Birth


Becoming a mother is the greatest pleasure in this world for any woman. 

During pregnancy, a pregnant woman dreams of various kinds. 

After the birth of the baby all his dreams come true. 

During pregnancy, a woman’s life undergoes many changes for which she prepares herself. 

But most women forget to prepare themselves for the changes that come after giving birth. 

After the birth of the baby, not only the woman goes through many changes physically but also mentally. 

In today’s article, we will tell you what changes and problems a woman has to go through after delivery.

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Many women experience severe pain and bleeding after delivery. 

This bleeding can go on for a long time, a maternity pad may also have to be used to stop the bleeding after delivery. 

Initially, the color of the blood is red and gradually it starts turning into a dark brown color. 

It usually persists for two to six weeks after delivery. 

Women may experience pain and weakness due to heavy bleeding after delivery.

Trouble Passing Stools 

Having a bowel movement for the first time after delivery is like a nightmare for any mother. 

It is usually extremely painful and unbearable. 

Many women are not fully hydrated and do not use stool softeners. 

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They have to face a lot of troubles. 

Many hospitals discharge from the hospital only after having a bowel movement for the first time after delivery. 

So that they do not have to face much physical problems after going home. 

To avoid this problem, the woman should also stay in the hospital so that her pain can be controlled.


After delivery, there are physical and mental changes inside the woman. 

Many women face postpartum depression after delivery. 

During this, the female hormones are at their peak, due to which the woman goes into a state of depression and a lot of apathy. 

Sometimes women also become irritable towards their husband or family members due to postpartum depression.

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Weight gain is a common thing in women after delivery. 

But many times women do not pay attention to their diet during pregnancy or even after the birth of the baby. 

In such a situation, their weight increases more than necessary. 

Due to obesity, women are at increased risk of diabetes, BP or high cholesterol.

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