How To Remove Stretch Marks From Body – How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks


More than half of women get stretch marks during pregnancy. 

Women suffer a lot due to stretch marks, due to which they are unable to wear the saree and dress of their choice. 

Actually, during pregnancy, the skin of women starts getting stretched due to which stretch marks start coming on the lower abdomen, arms, legs, back, buttocks etc. 

Today we will tell you many ways to get rid of stretch marks which cause trouble.

1. Massage With Oil

Massage the stretch marks lying during pregnancy with hot oil daily. 

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Use coconut oil to remove stretch marks quickly. In addition to coconut oil, you should massage castor, almond and olive oil well. 

2. Take The Help Of Water

Women start drinking less water during pregnancy but they should drink maximum water during such time. 

Less water When there is a lack of sufficient moisture in the skin, the stretch increases more. 

3. Egg White

A huge amount of protein is found in the white part of the egg, so if you take out the egg white daily and apply it on your stretch marks, wash it after drying. 

4. Olive Oil

Olive oil proves to be very beneficial in reducing stretch marks. 

Put olive oil in your palm and apply it well on the stretch marks and massage. 

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Mixing some water and vinegar in olive oil and applying it daily on stretch marks gives quick effect.

5. Coffee And Aloe Vera Paste

Coffee is considered a panacea for removing all kinds of marks. 

The mixture of coffee and aloe vera is beneficial for removing stretch marks. 

Apply this mixture on your stretch marks for 2 to 3 minutes and keep applying moisturizer.

Women suffering from stretch marks have to face a lot of problems. 

Follow these methods to get rid of these problems.

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