Health Tips – Benefits Of Eating Eggs, Pregnant Women’s Food


The food eaten by a woman during pregnancy not only makes her healthy, but also has the same effect on her unborn baby. 

Often, there is a confusion in the minds of women about many food items whether they should actually eat that diet or not. 

One such food item is egg, which is considered quite healthy, but there remains a confusion about whether to eat it or not during pregnancy. 

But eating eggs can be extremely beneficial for any pregnant woman, provided it is consumed in limited quantities. 

So let’s know about some of the best benefits of eating eggs in pregnancy.

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Get Protein

Everyone is aware that protein is found in abundance in eggs and protein is a very essential element for a pregnant woman. 

Every cell of the fetus is formed with the help of protein, so its consumption in limited quantity is beneficial for the fetus.

Brain Development

Along with protein, many types of vitamins and minerals are found in eggs. 

Apart from this, choline and omega 3 fatty acids are also found in it, which especially affects the overall development of the child as well as the development of the brain. Not only this, this property found in eggs also prevents neural tube defects in the embryo.

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Extra Calories

The caloric requirement of a pregnant woman is 200–300 calories more than that of a normal woman. 

These extra calories play an important role in the development of the fetus. 

In such a situation, the consumption of eggs can be beneficial for them. 

An egg contains about 70 calories, which meets the daily requirement of a pregnant woman.

Take Care Of It

It is true that egg is beneficial for a pregnant woman but before consuming it it is necessary that it should be consumed properly. 

Otherwise, problems like premature labor, uterine contractions, dehydration, diarrhea and vomiting can arise in the woman. 

If you are consuming eggs during pregnancy, then never eat it raw or undercooked. 

On the other hand, if a pregnant woman has problems with diarrhea, vomiting or food poisoning, then before consuming eggs, consult a doctor once. 

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