First Trimester – Food To Avoid During Pregnancy


The feeling of being pregnant is very special, every woman dreams of becoming a mother and at the same time dreams of her baby being born healthy. 

But the mother also has to take some care to have a healthy baby. 

During pregnancy, women think of eating many things, but during pregnancy, women should eat their diet very carefully. 

According to the doctor, many things have to be avoided in the first 3 months of pregnancy, about which we will tell you today. 

High Mercury Fish 

During pregnancy, women should avoid eating high mercury fish such as shark, swordfish and tuna. 

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Toxins are found in high amounts in mercury fish. 

High mercury fish live in dirty water, due to which eating it during pregnancy also causes many diseases. 

Half – Raw Egg  

Half raw egg should not be eaten at all during pregnancy, salmonella bacteria are found in half raw egg. 

These bacteria cause vomiting and diarrhea in women during pregnancy, due to which pregnant women can have to face a lot of problems.


According to doctors, drinking caffeine during pregnancy should be avoided. 

Caffeine i.e. not only tea and coffee but also chocolate comes, caffeine is also found in chocolate, for which doctors also consider chocolate in pregnancy. 

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Consuming caffeine has adverse effects on the child.


Eating sprouts is very good for health, but eating sprouts during pregnancy is absolutely considered. 

In fact, salmonella, listeria and E-coli bacteria are found in sprouted things, due to which there is a problem of food poisoning. 

This problem can cause great harm to the child. 

Cream, Milk, Cheese And Fruit Juices 

Avoid eating cream, milk, cheese and fruit juices during pregnancy. 

While making these things, there are some such bacteria which cause a lot of harm by eating during pregnancy. 

Eating the bacteria present in these can lead to miscarriage. 

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