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Code M Web Series Download: Code M is an Indian Hindi drama web series created and produced by Juggernaut Productions for ALT Balaji and ZEE5.The series stars Jennifer Winget, Rajat Kapoor, Seema Biswas and Tanuj Virwani.

Army lawyer, Monica Mehra, gets roped in to solve, what seems like an open and shut case, of the death of an army officer and two militant suspects, killed in an encounter. However, as the facts unfold, she realises that the case is way more complex than what it appears to be. Will she be able to crack the code?

Code M 2020 Zee5 Dual Audio Hindi S01 Web Series 480p HDRip x264 450MB

Code M Web Series Release Date And Time

  • Ratings : 7.9/10
  • Web Series : Code M (2020)
  • Source : Zee5 Originals
  • Season : 01 (Complete), Episode : 01-08
  • Genres : Mystery, Thriller
  • Stars : Jennifer Winget, Tanuj Virwani, Aalekh Kapoor
  • Director : Akshay Choubey
  • Writers : Sulagna Chatterjee
  • Realease Date : 15 January 2020
  • Language : Hindi + Telugu + Tamil
  • Quality : 480p HDRip
  • Size : 450MiB

Star Cast Of Code M ALT Balaji and ZEE5 Originals Web Series

  • Jennifer Winget as Major Monica Mehra[5]
  • Tanuj Virwani as Legal Council Angad Sandhu
  • Rajat Kapoor Col. Suryaveer Chauhan
  • Seema Biswas as, alleged terrorist, Asif’s mother[6]
  • Keshav Sadhna as Major Gaurav
  • Aalekh Kapoor as Major Shakti Mandappa
  • Meghana Kaushik as Serana, Shakti’s Wife

Code M: Web Series Review

After listening to this dialog in the first episode of ‘Code M’, you do not live without smiling.

‘Alt Balaji’ and ‘Zee 5’. Two native streaming platforms. What is the deal between the two, that many web series now stream together on both. ‘Code M’ was also released on both days on the same day. Released on January 15, 2020, this web series contains a total of 8 episodes. Each episode is an average of 25 minutes. But if the recap and the credit roll of the previous episode are removed from it, then each episode sits for about 20 minutes.

‘Code M’ is actually a synonym for ‘court martial’. And why is the name of this series being promoted as ‘inspired by true events’, ‘Code M’, it is known by knowing the story of the series.

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Code M Web Series Download Tamilrockers Leaked Online In HD Quality

The concept of ‘Code M’ is certainly not very clichéd, but if the angle of ‘Muslim’ is removed from the ‘Shaurya’ movie and put the ‘Dalit’ angle in it, then it becomes the basic concept of this series.

This web series raises issues like casteism, homosexuality, patriarchy, but very superficially. Despite this, all these issues are part of the main plot of the story, not the side stories.

Whatever be it, whether less or more, whether superficial or deep, whether for society or for commercial success, any content that speaks on any social issue should be praised. The Titihari efforts should also be appraised among the major efforts made during the construction of Ram Setu.

# ‘Code M’ lead actress Jennifer Winget is a well-known name on TV. Serials such as his ‘bahi’ and ‘unmatched’ were very popular. She was seen playing the role of an obsessed girl in ‘Badi’. Despite being a negative role, his character was very famous. Due to this, ‘immense’ returned. By the name ‘Extreme 2’. In her ‘Digital Debut’ named ‘Code M’, she appears in a different avatar. Bold and professional. They have done a good job. Very different from his previous image. But the problem also arises here. That those who have seen him on TV may have difficulty digesting this role of Jennifer.

# In the rest of the actors of the series, you easily identify Angad, the legal adviser to the accused. This is the same Tanuj Virwani, who also appeared in Inside Age. Tanuj impresses more with his ‘care-free’ attitude than his acting. Even in ‘Code M’ and in its previous projects.

# Rajat Kapoor is a seasoned actor, but the role he has done, it is natural to compare him to KK Menon. If you do not compare, then they have acted well. He has caught the army’s manorism best.

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Over all series maintains interest. In ‘Code M’, the way things open up and continue to connect, they answer all the questions. But in spite of this there is a feeling of dissatisfaction. More than the characters, the story is invested. Therefore, characters like Colonel Suryavir Chauhan are unable to reach the stature where ‘Code M’ wants to reach them. Also, the other characters also look quite flat.

Dialogs are written organically, so preaching or unnecessary zeal does not seem. They take creative liberty at some place, but still do not interfere with the flow of the story.

Cinematography is very average, there are many things that are fake, they look fake. Be it the scene of Mazar, or a Chase Scene of Monica Mehra.

Pakistan border is very far from Jodhpur. But there is a reference to the border again and again in the series, Goya is just a few furlongs away.

Review of ‘Code M’ cannot be complete without talking about # editing. If you have seen ‘Requiem for a Dream’, then its jump cut editing will definitely remind you of that movie. These jump cuts contribute a big boost to the series ‘thriller’ feel. Main details during introgression are also shown on the screen by typing in text format. This idea also helps in increasing the interestingness. And tells what is important. It is as if a text has been bolded in an article.

Background music is average, and does not help enhance the excitement of the series of editing.

#  ‘ Alt Balaji’ and ‘Zee 5’ formats reduce your viewing experience. The credit roll in every episode and the recap of previous episodes is fine as long as you are making a TV serial, which comes once a week. But when you have uploaded all the episodes at once, then there is no need for all this. The sooner Zee 5 understands it, the better.

# Final Verdict

The best thing about ‘Code M’ is its shortness and crisp. So investing around two and a half hours is not bad. Worse, to expect more than this.

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Story Of Code M 2020 ALT Balaji and ZEE5 Originals Web Series

Two terrorists are killed in a direct fight with the terrorists and Ajay Paswan, a soldier of the Indian Army, is also martyred. The problem is that this is the official version of the whole incident. But the reality is not so transparent.

Those who were killed, were not terrorists in the eyes of the villagers. And their point, this plea is not being heard. To ensure that there is a hearing, the mother of one of the terrorists sets herself on fire. As soon as the case becomes high profile, the army conducts an internal investigation. For this, Colonel Suryavir Chauhan, sitting in Jodhpur, calls Monica Mehra from Pune.

Monica Mehra is going to get married in a few days, but she cannot deny the ‘Call of Duty’. That too when that call is from Colonel Chauhan. Colonel Chauhan, from whom Monica is inspired to the extent of devotion. 

The martyr who was killed in the encounter was Ajay Paswan, son-in-law of Colonel Chauhan. There is also a personal angle in it. The second personal angle is that while Monica Mehra is interrogating the soldiers who survived the encounter, her former lover takes entry as a legal adviser to these soldiers.

These, and even more, happen in the first episode itself. In the next 7 episodes, all these plots – all plots are found in one place. Answers to all the questions standing in the first episode are also found till the end.

Best Scenes Of Code M 2020 Web Series

Code M 2020 ALT Balaji and ZEE5 Originals Web Series Trailer


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