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There are many types of spices in India, which enhance the taste of food very well. 

In addition, they are also very beneficial for health. 

Similarly, today we will talk about one of those spices, celery, which not only enhances the taste of food but is also very beneficial for health. 

Consumption of ajwain is good for health. 

This is the reason why every Indian food has ajwain in it. 

Also, it is used in more and more dishes. 

At the same time, it is also very useful in most diseases. 

Elders also recommend eating a pinch of carom seeds in case of stomach pain or gas formation, and this advice is certainly very useful and its consumption in untimely arising stomach pain gives a lot of relief. 

We will tell you about the many benefits of celery. Along with this, it will also tell how you can consume ajwain – prevent

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Stomach Problems And Acidity

If you are troubled by acidity or stomach related problems, then the best solution for you is to consume celery, it can prove to be very beneficial in removing all these diseases. 

It has antacid properties, which help in relieving the problem of acidity. 

To consume it, you have to make a mixer by mixing a teaspoon of cumin and a little ginger powder in a teaspoon of carom seeds. 

And by consuming it all the diseases related to your stomach will end.

Gas And Constipation

problems of gas and constipation it is very could easily end up with. 

This problem can happen to anyone, so take celery in such a problem. 

This is a very effective remedy. 

It contains high amount of thymol, due to which the secretion of gastric juice increases. 

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Along with this, celery has laxative properties. 

Due to which the problem of constipation goes away.

Beneficial For Heart

Ajwain is beneficial in stomach as well as physical problems. 

It keeps cholesterol level right. 

Jockey is very beneficial for heart health. 

It is also very helpful in relieving chest pain. 

For this, you can take a spoonful of carom seeds with lukewarm water.


Ajwain is also very beneficial in the problem of asthma. 

If you eat ajwain with lukewarm water, it gives relief in bronchitis and asthma. 

Also, you can eat ajwain with jaggery twice a day for taste. 

Ajwain has antispasmodic and carminative properties. 

Due to which there is a lot of relief in asthma.

To Breastfeed

You will be surprised to know that celery is very effective in increasing milk in the breast of women. 

It cleans the uterus. 

And helps in increasing milk in the breast. 

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For this, boil one teaspoon fennel and half teaspoon carom seeds in one liter of water. 

Drink this water daily. 

It will make you feel the change in your body very quickly.

Lose Weight

Ajwain will prove to be very beneficial in stopping your increasing weight. 

For this, take one spoon of carom seeds with water every morning on an empty stomach. 

By doing this daily, you can reduce your weight in a very short time.

Beneficial In Menstruation

Ajwain is also very beneficial in menstruation. 

If you have complaints of excessive pain or irregularity during periods, then consuming celery will be very beneficial for you. 

For this, fill water in an earthen pot and put a handful of celery and leave it overnight. 

Then grind it the next morning and consume it, it will be very beneficial for you.

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