How Does Sleeping Improve Your Memory?


Researchers have found that good sleep has an effect on the functioning of the brain and if there is a good sleep at night, then in the morning there is a huge difference in the functioning of the brain.

Good sleep improves coordination between brain cells which are essential for memory and learning. 

This research from the University of Geneva has been presented at the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies conference.

Researchers conducted research on 32 people in which they were shown some pictures or taught a new thing that they had to remember. 

These included moving a point on the computer with the help of a joystick.

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In this research of two groups, one group was allowed to sleep for eight hours while the other group was either not allowed to sleep or was allowed to sleep for a while.

When the next day both groups were asked to recall pictures or do things they had learned the previous day, it was found that those who slept better performed better.

Dr Sophie Swartz, head of the research team, said, “The results suggest that a good sleep after a new experience helps to remember that experience and aids in learning.” ”

According to Dr. Swartz, with good sleep, the brain strengthens the learned experiences. 

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Dr Neil Stanley of Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital says that this research once again shows how important good sleep is.

However, in a survey conducted among 4000 adults in the UK, it was found that one in five sleeps only eight hours a night. 

Dr Stanley says that sleep is not a waste of time, but a very important work through which we remember things.

He says, ‘We learn things during the day but remember them neatly at night.’

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