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It is said that water is life. That is, life cannot be imagined without water. 

With the help of mere water, a person can get rid of many serious diseases. 

It is generally seen that people use different types of utensils to increase the quality of water. 

Sometimes it is advisable to drink water from copper utensils and sometimes earthen pots. 

In such a situation, you will not understand that which vessel’s water is actually beneficial for you. 

If you really want to get the most out of water, then always choose the vessel according to the season. 

So let’s know about it.

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Clay Pot

Earthen pot should be used in summer. 

Actually, in this season even normal temperature water feels very hot and it is very difficult to drink it. 

In such a situation, people keep water in the fridge and drink it, but many types of health problems arise from the water of the fridge. 

On the other hand, water kept in an earthen pot cools the water in a natural way. 

Along with this, you also get the elements of soil from this water.

Copper Vessel 

Water can always be drunk in a copper vessel, but drinking water from a copper vessel is considered more beneficial during the rainy season. 

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Actually, many types of bacteria start growing in this season. 

But keeping water in a copper vessel eliminates all the impurities and bacteria. A

lso, due to this water, the deficiency of copper in your body is also removed. 

Apart from this, stomach related problems are removed by consuming this water. 

If you want to clean the body internally, then drinking water kept in a copper vessel will be beneficial for you. 

Pot Of Gold

Generally, such a golden vessel is not found in homes, in which water can be kept. 

But if you drink water from a sleeping vessel during the winter season, it keeps your body warm and you get rid of problems like stress and insomnia. 

If you do not have a pot of gold in your house, then put something of gold in an earthen pot. 

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This will also give the properties of gold in the water. 

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