Health Tips: Belly Fat Reduce – How To Belly Fat Reduce


People are often troubled by abdominal fat, along with showing the accumulated fat in the stomach, it is also very harmful for health. 

Abdominal fat leads to diseases like thyroid, BP and sugar, due to which we have to face a lot of difficulties. 

Today we will tell you about ways to reduce belly fat. 


If you also want to reduce your belly fat, then first of all walk regularly in the morning and evening. 

Walking burns your belly fat, with the help of which you will be fit. 

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To reduce belly fat, you should walk frequently.  

Lemon juice 

The first remedy to reduce belly fat is lemon juice, drinking lemon juice every morning and evening ends belly fat. 

By drinking lemon juice, the metabolism of the stomach increases and fat starts burning quickly. 

Garlic Water 

If garlic juice is mixed with lemon juice, it is very beneficial. 

Garlic juice eliminates the extra fat of the body. 

To get rid of fat quickly, drink garlic water mixed with lemon.  


Almonds are liked by everyone and almonds have many such properties which are very beneficial. 

Along with increasing the brain, almonds also have the properties of reducing fat. 

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Almonds contain omega 3 fatty acids which help in reducing weight. 

Apple Vinegar 

Apple Vinegar is very helpful in reducing belly fat. 

Apple vinegar should be consumed half an hour before the meal. 

Drink two teaspoons of apple vinegar mixed with water. 

Mint And Coriander 

By smelling the aroma of mint, people become crazy about it, but mint proves to be very effective in reducing belly fat. 

Make a chutney of coriander and mint and eat it together, it will help in reducing weight soon.   

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