Calcium Rich Foods Without Dairy: Non-Dairy Calcium-Rich Foods, Calcium-Rich Food For Health


Non-Dairy Calcium-Rich Foods:  Calcium is very important for keeping the body healthy and making bones strong. 

Calcium is considered good for bones. If there is a deficiency of calcium and nutrients in the body, then the bones become weak. 

Milk and milk products are considered a good source of calcium. But many people do not like to drink milk or things made from milk. 

So it does not mean that they have to face calcium deficiency. There are many other things in which more calcium is found than milk. 

Let us tell you that calcium and vitamin D are the two most important minerals, which can help protect against the risk of fractures and other diseases in bones. 

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By including these seven things in the diet, you can overcome the deficiency of calcium.

  1. Mustard greens contain sufficient amount of calcium.
  2. Sesame is considered a good source of calcium.
  3. Figs are rich in phosphorus and calcium.

To overcome the deficiency of calcium, consume these things:

1. Green Leafy Vegetables:

Folic acid, magnesium, zinc, copper, carbohydrates, phosphorus, protein, calcium and iron are found in abundance in green leafy vegetables, which can help in strengthening your health and bones.

2. Mustard greens:

Sarson Ka Saag is one of the most liked dish in Punjab. Let us tell you that mustard greens are not only great in taste but also for health. It contains sufficient amount of calcium, which can help to overcome calcium deficiency.

3. Soy and Tofu:

By eating half a cup of soybeans, you get about 225 mg of calcium, while eating half a cup of tofu gives you about 250 mg of calcium. Calcium deficiency can be overcome by the consumption of soy and tofu.

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4. White Sesame:

You must have seen white sesame being used for making dishes at home. Sesame is considered a good source of calcium. Calcium deficiency can be overcome by eating sesame seeds.

5. Salmon Fish:

Salmon fish is the main source of vitamin D which has excellent properties to strengthen your bones. You can use salmon loaded with calcium to strengthen bones and keep yourself healthy. 

6. Fig:

Figs are rich in phosphorus and calcium. Which can help strengthen your bones. Regular consumption of figs can protect the body from many diseases.

7. Orange:

Orange is not only considered a good source of vitamin C but also calcium. Calcium deficiency can be met by including oranges in the diet.

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