Utthan Pristhasana Is Beneficial For Removal Of Fatigue


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Tiryak Katichakrasana and Utthan Pristhasana are such asanas that can be done together. Due to this balance is maintained and every part of the body gets massaged.

Stand up straight. Keep a gap of one and a half feet between both the feet. Interlock the fingers of both the hands. Now inhale and bring both the arms above the head.

Keep your arm straight. Flip the wrist so that the palm faces the sky. Now while exhaling, bend forward from the waist at an angle of 90 degrees. Look towards the palm in front. Hold your breath out.

Rotate your body and arms to the right as much as possible. Similarly rotate to the left. Take a breath and stand up straight. Now while exhaling, lower the hands. This is a complete phase.

Practice this asana five times. If there is a problem of sciatica or slip disc, do not do forward bending postures.

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Tiryak Katichakrasana exercises the muscles of the shoulders, back and waist and increases their strength. 

Regular practice of this asana removes the stiffness of the waist. This asana is also helpful in reducing physical and mental stress.

Utthan Pristhasana

Regular exercise strengthens the leg muscles

Stand up straight. Keep a gap of one and a half feet between both the feet. Do not keep the feet parallel. Bend the fingers of both the feet slightly outwards.

Keep both the hands under the buttocks i.e. on the back of the thighs. Inhale and while exhaling, bend the knees slightly. Bend back from the waist and keep moving the hands down.

Leaning back, if you can reach the hands behind the knees, then it is very good. After practice, you can reach your hands to the ankles.

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But don’t be in a hurry to lean back and keep your balance. Leave the head loose at the back while doing Pejrasana. Try to stay in this state for a few seconds.

Breathe in and then stand up straight. This is a complete step. It should be practiced three times. Do not practice Pristhasana if you have stomach ulcer, high blood pressure, sciatica or slip disc problem.

Benefit Of Utthan Pristhasana

By doing Pristhasana, there is a strain in the abdominal muscles. This increases the efficiency of all the abdominal organs and gives energy. With regular practice, the circulation of blood in the back and waist part increases.

The stiffness of the back and waist is removed. The nerves get strength and there is a feeling of freshness. At the same time, mental balance increases.

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