Does Obesity Affect Sperm? Yes Obesity Makes Sperms Weak!


If you are fat then be careful. A recent research has found that obesity in men can lead to the end of their offspring.

According to research from the University of Aberdeen, Spain, obese people have poor sperm quality, which reduces the chances of their spouses getting pregnant. 

Scientists from the University of Aberdeen conducted research on two thousand men whose wives were unable to conceive.

According to scientists, the reason for the poor quality of sperm in obese people is the accumulation of fat around their testicles. Due to this fat, the sperm gets destroyed due to heat inside the testicles itself.

But scientists say that weight loss can get rid of this deficiency. Scientists said this during a conference on ‘Fertility’ in Europe. 

By the way, scientists have already told that those women who are overweight find it difficult to conceive.

For this research done on men, scientists divided them into four different groups according to the body-mass index (BMI) i.e. the ratio of body and its mass.

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This study found that men who have a ‘BMI’ of 20-25 have a higher normal sperm count than those who are obese and overweight. 

Apart from this, the researchers also told that the amount of semen is also high in such men.

Conference in Spain: All these things have come to the fore in the meeting of ‘European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology’ held in Barcelona city of Spain. 

Scientists said that men who are overweight, that is, those whose ‘BMI’ is high, they are also found to have less amount of semen and have more number of weak spermatozoa in it.

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However, no reduction in sperm count was found in the four groups of men created for research. Many other researches were also presented during this meeting. 

In which it was revealed that due to obesity, the risk of destruction of ‘DNA’ in sperms also increases.

Doctor Ghiyath Sheyab, who did this research, says, “Men who expect a child from their spouse must first keep their weight right.”

“That way they can also keep their BMI normal which will be a double benefit for them.” Due to excess weight, fat also comes in the testicles, due to which the sperm become weak. 

Dr. Sheyab says, “A regular routine, a balanced diet and exercising daily can maintain a normal ‘BMI’.”

Scientists are now studying the extent to which poor quality semen is responsible for not getting pregnant. In order to find out how weight gain can weaken sperm?

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Dr Sheyab, who did the research, says that there can be many other reasons for the weak sperms. 

“Hormone levels in obese men, heat loss of sperms inside the testicles due to excess fat, and abnormal lifestyle are also factors.”

At the same time, Dr Ian Campbell says that it is generally seen that the number of children of obese people is also less. 

By the way, the scientists had also taken into account smoking, alcohol consumption and older age during this research.

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