What Is The Benefit Of Natarajasana? Natarajasana (Lord Of The Dance Pose ) To Improve Concentration


Secondly, if you do a forward bending posture, then you should definitely do backward bending posture.

Nataraja Asana and Utthit Janu Shirshasan are two such yogasanas which should be practiced together.

Method Of Nataraja Asana

For Nataraja Asana, first of all stand up straight. Focus on a point in front of you. When the mind is concentrated, bend the knee of the right leg. With the right hand, hold the ankle of the right foot from behind.

Keep the knees together. This is the starting position. Inhale and lift the right leg from the back side. Pull the soles of the feet backwards. Keep the right arm straight. Do not bend the knee of the left leg.

To balance, bring the left hand in front of the shoulder. Keep the arm straight. Make a left hand posture. That is, join the tip of the thumb and the first finger.

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Keep the remaining three fingers straight. Stay in this state for a few seconds. After that come back to the starting position. Similarly, practice Nataraja asana with the other leg as well.

Benefit Of Nataraja Asana

Nataraja Asana gives exercise to the muscles of the legs. Apart from this, it also has a good effect on the nervous system. With its regular practice, the mutual coordination in the nerves improves. Its effect brings physical stability and increases mental concentration.

Utthita Janu Shirshasan should be done with Nataraja posture.

Method Of Utit Janu Shirshasan

Utthit Janu Shirshasan helps in smooth blood circulation in the brain

Stand up straight. Keep a gap of two feet between both the feet. Breathe out. Bring both the arms in front of the shoulder. This is the initial stage. Exhale to perform Uttit Janu Shirshasan.

Lean forward from the waist. Try to bring the forehead close to the knees. Bring both the hands outwards behind the knees or shins. Grab the wrist of the left hand with the right hand.

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Stretch the arms. Pull the hands down. By doing this your forehead will come closer to the knees. Stay in this state for two to three seconds. Then while inhaling, stand up straight.

Bring the hands also in front of the shoulders. Then while exhaling, lower the hands down. This is a complete step. This can be practiced for three to five times. Do not practice it if you have high blood pressure, sciatica or slip disc problem.

Benefit Of Utit Janu Shirshasan

Utit Janu Shirshasan puts proper pressure on the pancreas. Increases his ability.

With regular practice, the muscles of the hip joint and legs are free from tension. Due to this, the circulation of blood towards the brain is done properly.

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