Natural Color Highlights – Walnut Hair Color, Saffron Hair Color, Mehndi Hair Color, Tea And Coffee Hair Color, Beetroot And Carrot Hair Color


Nowadays girls keep doing different types of experiments to make their hair beautiful. 

She keeps on using different types of products on her hair. 

In this context, many girls and women apply color in their hair so that their hair looks better and beautiful. 

Many women use color in their hair because they want to hide the whiteness of their hair and this is the only way to hide the whiteness of the hair, which every other woman does. 

That is why today we have brought some such hair colors to you so that you can make hair color at home. 

So that it proves to be beneficial for your hair and eyes, because using colors again and again has a bad effect on the eyes too. 

Therefore, with this home hair color, you can color your hair and stay away from eye-related diseases.

1. Beetroot And Carrot

If you want to color your hair, you can make hair color at home.

To make hair color at home, you have to use beetroot and carrot. 

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Using this, you can make very good hair color at your own home. 

As you all know that beetroot is a very good source of iron and in the same way carrots are also considered to be a very good source of antioxidants.

Together these two give natural red color to the hair.

Cut them and extract their juice. After that spray this juice well on the hair. 

Wash the hair after applying the spray for 30 minutes. 

If you want this color to stay in your hair for a long time, then you can use color protect shampoo.

2. Tea Or Coffee Beans

You can also make hair color at home with the help of tea or coffee beans. 

First of all, boil 1 teaspoon of tea or coffee beans for 20 minutes and make a decoction of it, when the decoction is ready, keep it to cool down. 

After the decoction cools down, filter it and keep it aside. 

After conditioning, wash your hair thoroughly and then add the prepared decoction to the hair. 

If you want your hair to have a good color and it stays in your hair for a long time, then definitely repeat it twice a week. 

This color made from tea and coffee will give a dark brown color to your hair.

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3. Mehndi 

If you want to hide your gray hair and do not want to use it on external ammonia hair colors, then today we have brought a better solution for you.

You can use henna to hide your white hair. 

Mehndi has been used for centuries to hide the whiteness of hair. 

Mehndi not only gives color to the hair, but the hair gets very good nutrition as well as the color of henna remains on your hair for about 1 month. 

To make the color of henna, first mix water in half a cup of henna and prepare a thick paste. 

After the paste is ready, apply the paste well in the hair with the help of a brush and leave the henna on the hair for about 2 hours. Wash the hair thoroughly after 2 hours. 

This will give a brown shade to the hair.

4. Saffron

Have you ever thought that you can color your hair with the help of saffron? 

Yes, you can do a very beautiful color on your hair with the help of saffron which will stay in your hair for a long time. 

First of all, take a big spoon of saffron and boil saffron well in two cups of water for about 20 minutes. 

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When the saffron boils well, keep it to cool. Apply this decoction made of saffron, mix it well in your hair and leave it on the hair for at least 2 hours. 

After 2 hours wash the hair with mild shampoo.

5. Walnut

By the way, you must have eaten walnuts only in dry fruits or kheer or you would know only about its use. 

But do you know that with the help of walnuts, you can see a very good color to your hair. Walnut colors your hair naturally. 

First break the walnuts and boil them in water for half a minute. 

After boiling the walnuts, keep it to cool down. When it cools down well, apply it to the roots of the hair with the help of the tip of the fingers and leave this nut paste on the hair for about 1 hour. 

After 1 hour wash the hair thoroughly with the help of shampoo. 

Using walnuts will bring dark brown color inside your hair.

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