Makeup Tips: Liquid Lipstick Application Tips – Do No Do These Mistakes While Applying Liquid Lipstick


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Every woman must have lipstick in her makeup kit. Women use lipstick on their lips to enhance the beauty of their face. Along with eye makeup, there is a lot of focus on lips as well. 

This is the reason why women apply lipstick of different shades to enhance their look. Liquid lipstick is in trend these days. 

It is quite pigmented and gives you a complete makeup look. But many times women make some mistakes while applying liquid lipstick, which spoils their look. 

In today’s article, we will tell you what things you should keep in mind while applying liquid lipstick.

Liquid Lipstick Application Tips

  1. You can enhance your look by using liquid lipstick. But according to other lipsticks, it takes a little more time to apply liquid lipstick. Liquid lipstick spreads quickly, so you have to give a proper outline and finish to apply it. Applying liquid lipstick in a hurry can ruin your look  
  2. Most liquid lipsticks are pigmented so you can use it only with makeup. If you are applying liquid lipstick then you should do complete makeup with foundation and blush. This will balance your look.
  3. While applying liquid lipstick, keep in mind that only one coat of it is enough. Applying more than one coat of liquid lipstick can cause your lipstick to spread or look patchy. However, if you want a dramatic and bold look, then after drying one coat, you can apply another coat.
  4. Exfoliate and moisturize your lips thoroughly before applying liquid lipstick. If your lips are chapped, then the liquid lipstick will look dry on the lips. This can ruin your whole look.
  5. While applying liquid lipstick, you can first apply lipstick on your lower lip. After this press your lips and then apply lipstick on your upper lip. By applying liquid lipstick in this way, your lips will get a good shape.
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