Makeup Tips – Easy Makeup Hacks – Ten Best Makeup Hacks


Which girl does not like to do makeup. 

Whether going to an office-college or a party, the look remains incomplete without makeup. 

But if the makeup is not done properly then it looks ugly and due to this you may also be embarrassed. 

We are often in a hurry to go to the office and we are late due to makeup. 

In today’s article, we are going to tell you some beauty and makeup tips and hacks that will make your life very easy.   

You can get a very beautiful look with the gel eyeliner. 

But if you do not have a gel eyeliner, then you can also convert your pencil eyeliner into a gel eyeliner. 

For this, place the tip of the pencil eyeliner on top of a candle for 1-2 seconds. 

This will make the eyeliner pencil soft and easy to apply. 

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This way you can get gel eyeliner look with pencil eyeliner too.  

When applying nail polish, use white nailpaint instead of base coat. 

This will make your nail polish last longer and your nail will not deteriorate with colored nail polish.

To make the eyelids look bigger, you too will be wearing mascara. 

While applying the mascara, turn the brush towards the nose instead of turning upwards. 

This will make your eyes look big and full of eyelids.

Always apply perfume to your pulse point such as on the wrist, behind the ear, on the neck and behind the elbow. 

This will make the perfume last longer and fragrance will not be too strong. 

Many times we throw away our makeup bottle or tube thinking that there is nothing left in it now. 

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But often there is some makeup left inside the tube, so if your liquid makeup is over, do not throw the bottle away. 

You can easily use the leftover makeup by cutting your makeup bottle or tube in the middle.

If you want the color of your eyeshadow to be better then use this trick. 

Before applying eyeshadow, apply white eyeliner on your eyelid and then apply eyeshadow. 

This will make the color of eyeshadow look more bland.

If you want to get the eye look, first create an outline with an eyeliner pencil and then fill the outline with an eyeliner. 

This way you can get beautiful cat eye look without any hassle.

If you want to get a beautiful smokey eye look in minutes, then definitely try this trick. 

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With the help of an eyeliner pencil, make small crosses on your eyelid and then blend it well with a brush or finger.

Applying Eyelash is a very frustrating task, so it takes a lot of time as well. 

But with this trick, you can easily apply Eyelash without being disturbed. 

Instead of applying Eyelash Glue directly to Eyelash, apply it on Eyelash by applying it on a bobby pin. 

This will not spread the glue and it will be easier to apply eyelash.

Often, when we eat and drink something, the lipstick fades or starts to fade. 

To keep the lipstick lasting for a long time, after applying the lipstick, put a tissue paper on top of your lips and apply loose powder. 

This will keep your lipstick set for a long time.

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