Home Remedies For Eyes: Home Remedies For Eye Irritation Fatigue


In today’s time, most of our time is spent in front of mobile phone or laptop. Sitting in front of the screen for hours can cause problems in our eyes. 

Due to excessive use of mobile phone or laptop, problems like burning in eyes, fatigue and watery eyes start to occur. Often people ignore it, but a small carelessness done about the eyes can prove to be very dangerous. 

Sometimes pollution, use of contact lenses, insomnia, irritability or medicines also cause irritation, fatigue and infection in the eyes. 

If you are also struggling with the problem of eyes, then today we will tell you some such home remedies, with the help of which you can get rid of problems like pain and burning in the eyes.


You can use cucumber to remove fatigue, laziness and irritation in the eyes. The use of cucumber is very beneficial to remove eye fatigue and irritation, it works to cool the eyes by removing irritation. 

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For this, cut thin pieces of cucumber and keep them in the fridge and lie down with these pieces of cucumber on the eyes for some time. 

This is a very effective and easy way to remove irritation and fatigue. Doing this will help you get rid of irritation and fatigue. 

Castor Oil 

Do you know that Castrol oil can prove to be very beneficial for you to remove the problems related to eyes. For this, dip a piece of cotton in castor oil and squeeze it with light hands. 

After this, lie down by placing it on both your eyes. If you want, you can also massage with light hands by applying castor oil in the fingers. By using it, you will get relief from eye pain very quickly.

Rose Water

By the way, everyone knows that rose water is very beneficial for our skin. But do you know that by using rose water, you can also remove the tiredness of your eyes. 

If you want to get rid of eye fatigue and irritation, then you can use rose water. It will be very beneficial for your eyes. 

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If you want, you can make a patch by dipping cotton in rose water and placing them on the eyes and lying down. 

Or you can put one or two drops of rose water in the eyes and lie down for some time, this will clear the eyes and fatigue will also go away.

Cold Milk

Milk is very beneficial for our health as well as for our eyes. If you have pain and fatigue in your eyes due to running the phone or working on the laptop for a long time, then milk will prove to be very helpful for you. 

Actually, there are many such elements present in milk which prove to be helpful in removing eye infection and fatigue. 

If you want, you can make a patch of cold milk or you can massage the eyes with cold milk. By doing this, you will get relief from eye problems very quickly.

Raw Potato

By the way, we apply raw potato on the burnt area, if your hand ever gets burnt with oil or hot water or hot things, then you can grind raw potato and apply it on that place, you will get relief from burning immediately.

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If there is burning in the eyes, fatigue and dark circles under the eyes, then raw potato will prove to be very helpful in removing all these problems. 

For this, cut thin pieces of potatoes and keep them in the fridge and when they cool down, keep them on the eyes and lie down. 

Keep them on your eyes for at least 15 minutes, after that clean your eyes with plain water, by doing this you will get a lot of relief in your eye problems.

Disclaimer: The suggestions in this article are for general information only. Do not take these tips and information as the advice of a doctor or medical professional. In case of symptoms of any disease, consult a doctor.