Home Remedies: Beneficial In Fever, Beneficial In Cough, Beneficial For Toothache, Beneficial For Malaria


Nature has given us such different herbs which we cannot give up even if we want to. 

There are many such herbs in front of which big medicines and hospitals have failed. 

By using such herbs, we can cure our body forever. However, today’s generation knows very little about herbs as compared to their ancestors. 

If we talk about the time of our ancestors, then there were neither very big hospitals nor big doctors at that time, only Vaidyas and their herbs were used by which people were cured in a moment. 

If we talk about the big war, then even there herbs have shown their effect. 

Even in today’s time, when English medicines do not work, people again start looking for indigenous herbs. 

In such a situation, today we will tell you about some such herbs which you will get very easily and get rid of many diseases. Will prove to be very helpful. 

Mostly this herb will help you get rid of fever. 

If you have any kind of fever, by consuming it or using it, your fever will go away quickly. 

You must have seen this medicine many times in your house as well, its name is Pippali. Let’s know its benefits

Beneficial For Many Types Of Fever

As everyone knows, there are many types of fever, in which sometimes there is fever due to cough, cold and sometimes due to other reasons one has to deal with severe fever. 

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Young children get fever very quickly. If he gets drenched in water even a little bit, he gets fever with a lot of cold. 

Also, pregnant women often have fever. 

The fever that occurs in pregnant women is called Sutikajvar. 

Pippali proves to be very beneficial in this type of fever.

If you will know about Pippali jaggery and its effects, then you may be surprised that it is so beneficial for us. 

Pippali is used to get rid of many diseases.

At present, research is going on for coronavirus through Ayurvedic methods, but in all these research, Pippali is playing a very important role.

Use Of Pippali

Useful In Fever Cough Cold

To bring down fever, take three grams of Pippali root, five grams of honey and about two grams of pure desi ghee. 

Mix all these ingredients well. 

After making a mixture of these three, consume it. 

Eating the medicine after licking gives it more benefits, and if you are more worried, then eat it by licking it because in this way it shows effect very quickly. 

If a person has cough, cold, fever and sore throat together, then he must eat this mixture. It will help in reducing his illness within few minutes.

Beneficial For Liver

By using Pippali, you can keep your life healthy for a long time because it has hepatoprotective properties, due to which this medicine proves to be very beneficial for the liver. 

If you are suffering from liver related problems for a long time, then you must use Pippali. 

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In a related research, it has been found that Pippali works to increase glutathione. 

A research published on the NCBI website states that glutathione may show effects in patients suffering from the problem of excess fat accumulation in the liver without consuming alcohol.

Beneficial For Constipation 

If you have been battling with a disease like when for a long time and all the remedies have failed for you, then you can definitely use Pippali. 

Jan Aushadhi works like a digestive agent inside your body so that you can save any kind of food very easily. 

Also, this medicine helps in clearing the mind and provides relief in the problem of constipation.

Beneficial For Malaria

Many times it happens that we get treatment for a disease like malaria, but outside medicine does not provide any kind of relief in that disease. 

If so, then you can get rid of a disease like malaria by using the indigenous herb Pippali. 

It is very effective in curing diseases like malaria. 

It is also said that pippali can be used as an alternative to prevent malaria.

Beneficial For Toothache

If you have been battling with toothache for a long time and any kind of medicine or medicine has not worked for you, then you must try using Pippali once because an alkaloid called piperine is found inside it, which can cause many problems.

It can act as herbal medicine, which helps in removing problems related to teeth.

Disadvantages Of pippali

This medicine is as much beneficial as it is harmful. The medicine should not be used without any precautions or without consulting an experienced person.

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1. Do not take Pippali for a long time or in large amounts at all. By doing this, it can prove to be fatal for your health because the elements of very high heat are present inside the Peepli.

2. The potency of Pippali is very hot, it should always be taken in regular quantity.

3. If your young children have problems like cough and cold, then you should not give this medicine to them at all. Try to keep small children and infants away from this medicine. Mostly elder people or young people should take this medicine.

4. If you take this medicine in the form of a dose, then never take it empty, make a mixture of milk with it and consume it only after that.

5. If your child is more than 5 years of age, then you can give a small dose of 250 mg daily with milk and ghee to the child.

6. Women who are breast-feeding their babies or infants should use Pippali in very small amounts. Women who are pregnant should consult their doctor before using this medicine.

Disclaimer: The suggestions in this article are for general information only. Do not take these tips and information as the advice of a doctor or medical professional. In case of symptoms of any disease, consult a doctor.