Giloy Home Remedies: Health Benefits Of Giloy And How To Use It, How To Consume Giloy


According to Ayurveda, Giloy is a very useful and potent medicine. 

It is also called Amrit Bel in Ayurveda. 

It is a type of vine that usually grows on trees-shrubs, forests, parks or walls. 

Giloy is also known by many other names like Amrita, Guduchi, Chinnaruha, Jeevantika. 

Many medicinal elements are found in it, which help in providing relief in many diseases like dengue, malaria, jaundice, anemia. 

Regular consumption of Giloy increases the body’s immunity and protects against various types of infections and diseases. 

Apart from this, Giloy increases the production of insulin in the body, which is beneficial in sugar disease. 

In today’s article, we will give you information about the health benefits of Giloy and will also tell you the right way to consume it. 

Beneficial In Diabetes  

Consumption of Giloy is very beneficial for diabetic patients. 

According to doctors, sufficient amount of hypoglycemic agents are found in Giloy, which helps in controlling blood sugar level. 

Giloy helps in reducing insulin resistance in the body, so patients with type-2 diabetes are advised to consume Giloy juice. 

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Taking 2-3 spoons of Giloy juice mixed with a cup of water on an empty stomach in the morning is beneficial in the disease of sugar. 

Effective In Fever Like Dengue, Malaria 

Consuming Giloy is also very beneficial in dengue fever. 

Giloy has anti-pyretic (antipyretic) properties which cure high fever quickly. 

For this reason, it is recommended to consume Giloy in severe fever like dengue, malaria and swine flu. 

During dengue, the number of platelets in the blood of the patient is greatly reduced. 

Consuming Giloy also helps in increasing platelets in the blood. 

In dengue fever, drinking 2-3 spoons of Giloy juice mixed with a cup of water provides quick relief from dengue.

Increases Digestive Power 

Consumption of Giloy is also beneficial in digestion or stomach related problems. 

Consuming Giloy regularly is beneficial in digestive problems like constipation, acidity or indigestion. 

Taking a spoonful of Giloy powder with warm water every day before going to bed can get rid of stomach and digestive problems. 

Relief In Cough 

Taking Giloy provides relief in cough. 

Anti-allergic properties are found in Giloy which helps in relieving cough. 

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If you have been coughing for several days, then consuming decoction of Giloy with honey will give quick relief in cough. 

Helpful In Boosting Immunity 

Consuming Giloy not only provides freedom from many diseases, but it also increases the immunity of the body. 

Regular consumption of Giloy increases the immunity of the body, which provides protection from many types of infections and diseases. 

Cures Jaundice 

Consumption of Giloy is also very beneficial in curing jaundice. 

Grinding fresh leaves of Giloy and giving its juice to the jaundice patient ends jaundice quickly. 

Apart from this, the consumption of Giloy also provides relief from fever and pain in jaundice. 

Prevention Of Anemia 

Consumption of Giloy is also beneficial in removing the problem of anemia in the body. 

Regular consumption of Giloy juice removes the lack of blood in the body and strengthens immunity. 

Women who are suffering from anemia should consume Giloy juice daily. 

Beneficial For The Skin 

Giloy is also very beneficial for skin diseases. 

The use of Giloy helps in removing problems related to skin diseases, allergies, rashes, nail-acne etc. 

Grinding Giloy and applying its paste on the affected area provides benefit in skin related problems. 

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Effective In Asthma 

Giloy also proves to be very beneficial in respiratory diseases like asthma. 

Giloy has anti-inflammatory properties that help in relieving respiratory problems. 

Consuming Giloy provides relief in asthma, phlegm in the throat, cough and breathing problems. 

Mixing liquorice powder in Giloy powder and eating it with honey is beneficial in asthma. 

Relief In Arthritis 

Giloy is also very effective in the treatment of arthritis. 

Consumption of Giloy is very beneficial for people who have problems with arthritis or joint pain. 

Giloy has anti-arthritic properties that help in relieving arthritis and joint pain.

The Right Way To Use Giloy 

Generally Giloy can be consumed in the form of giloy extract, juice or decoction or in the form of powder. 

Giloy should always be consumed according to its need and in limited quantity. 

According to doctors, a healthy person should not consume more than 20 gm of Giloy in a day. 

Consuming Giloy in large quantities can harm health and cause mouth ulcers or other problems.

Disclaimer: The suggestions in this article are for general information only. Do not take these tips and information as the advice of a doctor or medical professional. In case of symptoms of any disease, consult a doctor.