Health Tips: How Do You Treat A Pimple Inside Your Nose – What Causes Nose Pimples


Acne happens many times on the skin of the nose. Sometimes, due to the enlargement of the stomach and the heat, there is a pimple inside the nose. 

Due to which there is a feeling of swelling and burning in the nose. 

The pimple that occurs inside the nose also affects the cartilage and bone of the nose, due to which thick pus starts coming out of the nose. 

Sometimes it also causes a lot of pain. If these few things are kept in mind then this problem can be avoided.

Due To Pimple In Nose

Pimples inside the nose are a little troublesome condition. 

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Pimples occur when oil or dead skin starts collecting in the pores of the skin. 

People with a weakened immune system and sugar have a higher risk of getting pimples. 

Sometimes the pimple comes out in the nose even in the absence of cleanliness.

Symptoms Of Pimple In Nose

When pain is felt inside the nose.

Itching and swelling inside the nose can also be a symptom of pimples.

Feeling of nasal congestion while breathing.

The power of smell is reduced.

Pimple In Nose

Because of putting finger in the nose without cleaning the hands.

Sometimes the pimple comes out even after the break of the hair present inside the nose.

Bacterial infection can also be the cause of nasal pimple.

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If you scratch a small grain inside the nose, it can take the form of a pimple.

Irrigate With Ice

If there is pain and burning due to the pimple coming out inside the nose, then you should compress it with ice. 

Ice removes inflammation and also provides relief in pain and burning. 

Not only this, ice also cleans the dirt accumulated in the skin pores, which causes pimples and acne.

Clean The Nose With Rock Salt

Rock salt is also called Epsom salt. 

If a pimple or pimple has come out inside the nose, then clean the nose with rock salt water 2 to 3 times a day. 

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Apart from this, you can also compress the nose with rock salt water.

Apply Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree essential oil is anti-bacterial. 

By applying it, the problem of swelling and irritation in the nose goes away to a great extent and the pimple ends.