Health Tips: Health Benefits Of Green Almonds


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Eating almonds makes the brain sharp and increases memory. If there is a reason why we are advised to eat soaked almonds since childhood. 

You must have also eaten brown colored almonds soaked or without soaking. But have you eaten green almonds? Green almonds are raw almonds. 

Like brown almonds, green almonds are also rich in many nutrients. 

Nutrients like vitamins, calcium, phosphorus and anti-oxidants are found in green almonds which are very beneficial for our health. 

In today’s article, we are going to tell you the benefits of eating green almonds.

Green Almonds Benefits

Consumption of green almonds increases the immunity of our body. 

Actually, many types of anti-oxidants are present in green almonds which help in getting out the harmful elements from the body. Eating green almonds prevents infection and many diseases. 

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Eating green almonds also gets rid of stomach problems. Its consumption balances the pH level of the body and gets rid of the problem of gas and acidity in the stomach. 

Consumption of green almonds is also beneficial for our bones and teeth. Green almonds are rich in phosphorus which helps in making bones and teeth strong. 

Green almonds have anti-bacterial properties which are beneficial for our oral health. 

Green almonds are beneficial for diabetic patients. Eating raw almonds on an empty stomach in the morning keeps the blood sugar level under control. 

Consuming green almonds regularly helps in controlling sugar. 

Eating green almonds prevents heart diseases. Actually, the flavonoids or bioflavonoids present in green almonds are very beneficial for heart health. 

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Anti-oxidants present in green almonds help in reducing the risk of heart blockage or heart attack. The risk is less. 

Bad cholesterol is also reduced by eating green almonds. 

Green almonds contain Vitamin E and antioxidants, Vitamin E helps fight aging and fine radicals. And antioxidants clean the blood. 

Eating raw almonds keeps the skin spotless and glowing.

Disclaimer: The suggestions in this article are for general information only. Do not take these tips and information as the advice of a doctor or medical professional. In case of symptoms of any disease, consult a doctor.