Good News For Diabetics: Cure Diabetes – Blood Sugar Level – Blood Sugar Test


There is good news for diabetics, in fact, doctors of Sanjay Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, located in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, have discovered a new way to control the blood sugar of diabetic patients. 

Doctors have succeeded in controlling blood sugar by reducing the glucagon hormone produced in the pancreas. 

This study has been done under the direction of Dr Rohit Sinha of PGI’s Endocrinologist Apartments, according to experts, it will facilitate the development of new medicines and will benefit diabetic patients.

This study is based on mice and cell culture, this research paper has been published in the international journal Molecular Metabolism. 

According to Dr. Rohit, there is less production of insulin in type 2 diabetes patients, while the amount of glucagon hormone starts increasing, due to which the amount of sugar starts increasing in the blood, both glucagon and insulin hormones are found in the pancreas. works against

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To do this research, mice were given a different type of drug, first their beta cells were destroyed, due to which insulin production stopped in them. 

When blood sugar levels rose, these mice were given rapamycin to inhibit the release of the hormone glucagon, which resulted in lowering of their sugar levels, along with processing it on cells in the laboratory to establish it.

According to Dr. Rohit Sinha,glucagon hormone enters the liver from the pancreas, due to which the amount of glucose in the liver starts increasing, while after eating food, the amount of glucose increases further. 

In order to control blood sugar, the amount of glucagon has to be reduced along with increasing insulin, the action of mTORC-one protein present in the pancreas is inhibited, due to which the cells are not able to excrete the glucagon hormone but it is destroyed in the pancreas itself Due to which the sugar label is reduced and diabetes is controlled.

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