3 Causes Of Navel Odor : Home Remedies Of Navel Problem, Home Remedies For Navel Cleaning


Causes of Navel Odor Navel is an important part of the body, which also helps in protecting you from many physical problems. 

Many times, Belly Button smell causes if the belly button is not cleaned properly. 

If there is a belly button smell even after cleaning, then it can also be a sign of some disease. 

Apart from lack of hygiene, there can be many reasons for the foul smell from the navel (Nabhi se badbu ane ke karan). 

When you do not clean the navel for months, then the Belly Button Cure starts accumulating in it, which can lead to bad odor. 

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Apart from this, what are the reasons, due to which the navel can smell, know here (Nabhi se badbu kyon aati hai in Hindi)….

Not Cleaning The Navel At All

Did you know that about 70 types of bacteria can grow in a small navel ? 

In such a situation, when you do not clean the navel regularly, then there is an infection, which causes bad smell. 

When you massage oil, it keeps the oil in the navel. 

There is sweating, dust and dirt get trapped, which gives a chance for bacteria to grow. 

These bacteria cause the smell. 

If you do not clean the navel, then germs start accumulating there. 

In such a situation, while taking a bath regularly, clean the navel as well.

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Due To Infection In The Navel

Candida infection also causes bad breath from the navel. If you do not clean the navel , there is a pus formed after the piercing, then the risk of infection increases. 

Due to infection, the possibility of swelling, pus, pain, redness in the navel increases. If there are bacteria in the navel due to infection, then there may be a foul odor. 

There is discharge from the navel only due to bacterial infection.

Bad Smell From The Navel Due To Piercing

Looking at the fashion and trends, you have got the piercing done in the navel, but not taking care and cleaning it can cause irritation and pain. 

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In such a situation, the navel should be cleaned with an antiseptic or else bacteria can grow there, which causes odour.

How To Remove The Problem Of Smell From The Navel

1 Cleaning the navel thoroughly while taking a bath. Use medicated soap.

2 If it is frozen like a crust, then first add oil or water and let it become loose. Then try to clean it with the help of ear bud.

3 If pus has formed in the navel due to infection, wounds, boils and pimples, then definitely consult a doctor. Apply lotion, cream only on their advice.