Shimmer Makeup Tips: What Is Shimmer Makeup, How To Do Shimmer Makeup, Shimmer Makeup Useful Tips


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Be it any wedding-party or special occasion, every girl aspires to look the most beautiful and different. 

In the desire to look beautiful, women get their makeup done in the parlor for hours. 

But in this desire to look beautiful and different, you have to loose your pocket. 

Well, nowadays there are different types of beauty and makeup products available in the market which can enhance your beauty. 

And the best part is that you can get a celeb-like party look from the comfort of your own home without spending much. 

Shimri makeup is very much in trend these days. 

Be it a wedding-party or Teej-festival, you can use shimmery makeup on any occasion. 

This will give you a very beautiful and shiny look and you will look different and special in the party. 

In today’s article, we will give you information about Shimmer Makeup.

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What Is Shimmer Makeup?

Shimmer is a shiny dry powder that gives a shiny and sparkle effect to the face. 

The shimmer can be used for eyeshadow, makeup on the nose, cheeks and neck. 

Shimmer powder, cream and liquid are available in all three forms in the market. 

Each form of shimmer has a different use. 

Like liquid shimmer is used to give a shimmer touch. 

Creamy shimmer is used for a medium touch. 

At the same time, powder shimmer is used to highlight and attract any part or feature of the face.

How To Do Shimmer Makeup

Before applying shimmer makeup, check your outfit and do makeup accordingly.

While applying shimmer makeup, it is also important to see the complexion of the face. 

A golden shimmer goes well on a dusky complexion, while on a fair complexion. 

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Silver shade looks very beautiful. 

And the bronze shade goes on all skin types.

If you want a natural look, then use shimmer makeup that matches your skin tone.    
Apply moisturizer to the face before applying shimmer makeup. 

After this, take some shimmer powder on the fingers and apply it on the cheeks, chin and eyebrows and blend it well. 

Use a brush to remove the extra shimmer. 

While doing shimmer makeup, take special care of the texture of your skin as well. 

If you have dry skin then choose liquid shimmer and if you have oily skin then use powder shimmer.

It is very important to set the shimmer makeup well. 

If you are doing liquid shimmer makeup, then blend the makeup well with your finger. 

Use a brush to set the powder shimmer.

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Applying cream or liquid mixed with powder shimmer blends the makeup well on the face.

You can highlight your look by using shimmer makeup. 

For eyeshadow, highlight the eyes by using shimmer makeup. 

Apart from this, shimmer can also be used to highlight the rest of the face such as the corners of the eyebrows, brow bone, cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. 

In this way your entire look will be highlighted.

For a complete shimmer makeup look, apply shimmer powder near the neck and cleavage area. 

This makes the makeup look even and complete.

Shimmer makeup can highlight the imperfections as well as part of the face. 

Therefore, if you have acne, wrinkles or fine lines, then do not apply shimmer makeup.