Hair Tips: How To Highlight Hair At Home By Yourself


Women range from fashionable outfits to hair colors and highlights for a beautiful and stylish look. 

At the same time, some people get hair color and highlights done to hide white hair. 

For hair color and highlights, women go to the parlor and get hair color done.

In such a situation, you can do hair color and hair highlighting at home. 

Let’s know how to do hair highlight and hair color at home.

How To Do Hair Color

For hair highlight and hair color at home, first of all, you should choose the color. 

You can use red color, dark brown color and light color to highlight the hair. 

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Red and brown color is very much in trend. 

You can use red and brown color for a stylish and beautiful look. 

Always use good quality color in hair.

Hair Color At Home

To highlight hair at home, take out the most color in a bowl. 

After this, divide the hair into two sections. 

After this separate the crown area. 

After this, apply color to the hair with the help of a hair pin. 

Divide your hair into small sections. 

After this the hair has to be colored. 

For color in the hair, keep the section of hair small. 

Apply the color to the hair for 30 to 40 minutes.

Do Hair Wash

Wash off with simple water after coloring hair. 

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Do not use shampoo while washing hair. 

By using shampoo, the color will not go before the hair. 

After applying color, you only use conditioner. 

After washing hair, apply serum to the hair.