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Many women complain that their nails are not healthy, many women complain that their nails are not long, due to which their hands also do not look beautiful. 

So if you also want healthy and long nails, then follow these home remedies, by adopting these home remedies, you can get healthy and beautiful nails.

Follow These Steps To Grow Your Nails

1. Eye cream is the best way to strengthen and lengthen the nails.

If you also want to make your nails strong, then apply eye cream well on the cuticles for this. 

If you want to make your nails healthy quickly, then the more cream you apply, the stronger the nails will be.

2. Mustard oil is also beneficial- You must have heard that mustard oil is beneficial for hair, but let us tell you that if .

you massage the nails with mustard oil for 15-20 minutes once a week, then By doing this, the growth of the nail is accelerated and the nails are also strong.

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3. Sometimes your nails become hard and hard, which makes them difficult to cut and also wear out, so it becomes more difficult to shape hard nails. 

There is an easy solution for this, first of all take a bowl of lukewarm water, now you add 5-6 drops of glycerin or rock salt in it and keep the nails immersed in it for 5-6 minutes.

By doing this the nails will become soft and cutting them too.

It will not be difficult and it will be easy to give shape.

4. Orange is beneficial for health as well as it is very beneficial for increasing nails.

Nails are to be soaked in fresh orange juice for 15-20 minutes. By doing this, the nails grow faster.

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After doing this, wash the nails with warm water and moisturize properly by wiping it with a towel.

5. Lemon is also good for nails, you should massage your nails with lemon for 5 minutes every day. 

After massaging with lemon, wash the nails thoroughly with warm water and moisturize them properly.

6. This is the best way by which nails will be long and strong – for this take 1/4 cup coconut oil and honey in the same quantity. 

Also, add 4 drops of rosemary oil to it, now keep the nails immersed in this mixture for 15-20 minutes. 

If you do this twice a week, it makes the nails grow faster and stronger.

7. If you are thinking of trying nail polish or nail art on your nails, then before that, apply olive oil well on your nails.

Can be easily removed. After this you will not have to struggle to remove the nude sand mail polish.

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8. Eating has a direct effect on our whole body, even after the weakening of nails, eating wrong or not taking calcium protein properly. 

For this, you need to pay attention to the food.

So now you start taking food containing protein, calcium, iron, vitamin B and C in the food like- milk, curd, green vegetables, salad etc.

9. If you want to grow nails, then for this, first apply warm olive oil on the cuticles of your nails and massage for 5 minutes.

Leave the oil on overnight as well as sleep wearing gloves in your hands while sleeping. 

By doing this your nails will grow faster and become healthy. 

If you want, you can keep your nails dipped in olive oil for 15-20 minutes, it also makes the nails grow faster.